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zpey 14 and 7


Scandinavian or Long Belly. This rod handles either style with ease. Good underhand casters love this rod. It takes a few casts to remember to take advantage of the beautifully designed sure grip handle and butt section. Once you do though, you are on your way to enjoying one of the most advanced systems on the market today. Those with a dominant top hand cast will take a little longer to get going with this rod. Like the Zpey people say, "get used to it"

Comes in: 12'3" 8 Weight, 13'3" 9 Weight, 14'3" 10 Weight

User benefits of the Zpey handle
In order to generate the same momentum as that of a traditional rod, the arms must be moved further away from the body in the direction of the cast, especially during the cast. The farther away from the body a person moves their arms and the rod, the greater the strain imposed on the body.

Unfortunately, the human body was not built for the combination of long movements and excess strain. Every year, this combination results in large numbers of fly fishers suffering from chronic strain injuries to their arms, shoulders, backs, etc. The Zpey handle will help counter this trend.

spey angle

1. The upper hand can be held closer to the body, thereby becoming a more toned down and effective partner for the bottom hand.

2. The curved handle allows the fisherman to hold the rod closer to his body; to cast in a more upright position and maintain better balance, while reducing the risk of injury due to chronic strain.

3. Using a tilted cast, we can further increase the pathway of momentum all the way down to the lower hand so that the hand can then be pulled in closer to the side of the body.

Zpey rod vs. ordinary rod

zpey and ordinary

The protruding position of the bottom hand provides greater transfer of casting momentum, regardless of the cast style.

The bottom 10 centimetres of the handle adds between 60 and 100 centimetres (depending on the length of the rod) of increased range to the rod tip.

The Zpey handle enables the arms to be held closer to the body without affecting the range, thus allowing the user to cast just as long, while using less power and shorter movements, as well as significantly reducing strain on the body.

A = Zpey rod
B = Ordinary rod

The Zpey handle

The handle has not only undergone aesthetic changes, it also contains a wealth of design technology.

We have created a grip design that provides better cast control, as well as always allowing the user to “feel” the direction his cast is going in. This provides the sportsman with distinct advantages both during precision casting and after dark.
zpey 14 foot and switch

Inserted in the lower part of the handle is a flexible constructed from carbon and polyurethane, it increases tension along the entire rod using calculated flexibility in the transition.

The flexible section provides increased feeling both in the rod itself and during casting, as well as transferring additional momentum to the fly line.

You will find that catching fish will feel better than ever. Plus, the fly reel is placed in an ideal position and is also easier to control.

The handle is comprised of a cast mixture of cork and rubber for an incredible grip, even in the pouring rain.


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